I was out and about on the internet this week and came across a blog posting titled “Top 10 Reasons to DJ Your Own Wedding”  I was curious so I looked this blog over.  Turns out, it was written by a company whose business is renting out sound equipment for couples who wish to do this very thing.  http://www.pghsoundrental.com/top-ten-reasons-to-dj-your-own-wedding/

I can more than understand that the economy is still very tight and some brides and grooms are putting their wedding together on a very limited budget.  However, of the ten reasons the company gives, cost is only one of them.  I was a pretty good debater in high school so I am going to jump into the fray and explain why hiring a professional can save you all the stress and headache of making this part of your wedding a DYI.

Lets take these in the order that the writer gave them to us shall we?

Ten Reasons To DJ Your Own Wedding

1.  Control – Most people spend more than a year planning every last detail of their wedding.  When it comes to the entertainment, they just turn it over to some DJ who they will never see again.  This used to be the only option for a bride and groom.  Today’s technology (iPods, laptops, etc) make the DJ an unnecessary expense.

At Firedog Entertainment, we handle every event we do as if we were doing it for family.  We take the time to meet with you, answer any questions you may have and make the day as stress free as possible for you. Like we always say “Because YOU are that important!”

2.  Cost – Our customers tell us that our sound system rental packages generally save them between $750 and $1000.  That’s a big chunk of money that could be used in other places!

Here is one I cannot argue with you.  It is cheaper in terms of money to go with this system.  Unless you are on a shoestring budget, our basic package is not much more than this for up to 5 hours of uninterrupted music.  So the question remains, do I want to save a few dollars or have an event to remember for all the RIGHT reasons?

3.  Incorporate Your Unique Personality
 – Here’s a trade secret – most disc jockeys play the same basic set of songs at each and every wedding they do.  They will occasionally add in the “latest top 40 hits”, but other than that, it is on autoplay.  If you think that your DJ is going to spend time custom crafting the perfect playlist for your wedding, you are dreaming!

Here is one I take personal offense to.  While it is true that many weddings request the same music as others, at Firedog we take the time to sit with you, ask about your music preferences, your guests attending and so many other questions to ensure that the music we do play at your reception is tailor made just for you.  We do not put whatever music we feel like onto a playlist and just let it go.  Our DJ’s can read the dance floor and see what music is keeping it packed and unless it is going against your directions we will keep it that way.

4.  Songs like the Macarena Exist – You might say that you don’t want any of the cheesy “classic” wedding songs played, but when your 13 year old cousin starts to beg the DJ, they are going to give in and play the Chicken Dance or some other ridiculous song.

Again with “assuming” that all DJ companies are just playing whatever they want.  Do we play the Chicken Dance at weddings?  Yes we do.  Do we play the Chicken Dance if you ask us not to?  No we do not.  Your little 13 yr old cousin can ask all they want to but if you tell us not to play a certain song or genre then that is the bottom line.  We work for YOU, plain and simple.

5.  Language and Profanity Concerns – Perhaps you aren’t a big fan of the profanity in many of the popular songs today.  In a cross generational setting like most weddings, the musical selections of a DJ can cause significant uncomfortable moments.  When you set the playlist, you don’t need to worry about what is coming up next.

ALL of our music we play are radio edits.  All of our DJ’s have families and we will not play any music that you would not hear on commercial radio.  Grandma Rose will not turn a deep shade of crimson and pass out due to any music that we play.

6.  Remote locations – If you aren’t holding your rehearsal at a traditional venue, you will probably have trouble finding a DJ that can work in your location.  Our battery powered PA systems coupled with an iPod can bring the music wherever you want to be.

Battery Powered? What happens if that battery is bad or runs out because someone left it on? We are equipped to work as far as 200 feet from the nearest power source with quality made extension cords to provide sound at most all of the wedding venues in the DC Metro area.

7.  Most DJ’s are terrible at what they do – To be fair, there are some good ones too, but becoming a DJ is what is known as a “low barrier to entry profession”.  There aren’t classes that you need to attend to be a DJ.  You just buy a few big speakers and some music and start calling yourself a professional disc jockey.  Most DJs have little to no experience, and they will be training with your wedding and charging you a premium for the opportunity.

Of course the company trying to get you to rent their equipment is going to tell you this.  All of our entertainers use professional grade equipment.  We do not have any “training” DJ’s that we send out to your event.  I myself started in this field back in 1989 in college radio and I was still playing vinyl.  All of our DJ staff has at least 20 years of experience so you will have no cause for concern that you will have a DJ playing their first wedding showing up for yours.

8.  It’s Easier Than You Think – With our thorough and easy to understand instructions, you will be able to setup, operate and entertain your family and friends.  You can even start calling yourself a “professional DJ” after you finish your event.

OK if you are the one getting married, then who is supposed to be setting this system up?  Seems like you will be too busy with the service, cocktail hour, pictures and reception to be doing all this.  Our staff show up at least 2 hours before your event begins to set up and ensure that everything is working properly.  Once again the writer is “assuming” that all DJ companies are alike.

9.  No One Ever Remembers a Wedding For A Good DJ – We’ve never met anyone who said, “boy that DJ was great, what a perfect wedding” – It just doesn’t happen.  The reverse is true, unfortunately.  I have several friends that had awful DJs at their wedding and that is all I remember about the night.

OK.  Color me a little bit confused.  You say that no one remembers a wedding for a good DJ but they will remember if for a bad one?  Either the DJ is important or its not.  Yes a bad DJ can make a reception one that you would care to not remember, but on the flip side of that coin, a GREAT DJ will have everyone dancing and celebrating with you all night long!!

10.  You Get The Support of Pittsburgh Sound Rental – We do more weddings than anyone else in the Pittsburgh region.  You have full access to our staff and can call us at anytime for support.  We provide you with our personal cell phone numbers so that any problem can be fixed immediately.

Looking back up at Number 8.  I thought this was supposed to be easy?  If it is so easy then why would there be problems?  Also what is the response time to get a technician out to look at your issue?  Do you really want to have to wait on a technician to come by to troubleshoot whatever issue you may be having?  I for one would not want to have to sit there in a beautiful reception area, with great food, family and friends and wait for someone to arrive to fix the problem.