In 2015 according to the average cost of a wedding in Virginia is $28,542.  In the Baltimore region of Maryland the price jumps up to $35,236 and in Washington D.C. brides paid on average a whopping $44,856. ( These numbers were based on 140 couples surveyed in each state.
When planning your wedding the first place should always be your venue because without that there would be no reception.  Finding good entertainment takes time and doing a bit of research based on your needs and the services offered by each company.  We here at Firedog Entertainment have found that many couples looking for entertainment services, DJ or live band, wait till the last minute to do so.  By this time, a good portion of the budget has been spent on the caterer, cake, dress, tux and other needs. When they realize at the last minute that they do not have entertainment the mad rush ensues to find a solution that will fit into their budget needs.  Budget entertainment is not always going to promise you quality or a wonderful experience for you and your guests.
How much are you willing to dedicate of your overall budget to ensure that your reception is a memorable one for you and your guests? 10%? 15%?  Based on the costs listed above, Firedog Entertainment comes in at a whopping 5% of the overall budget for a wedding in Virginia.  What does that 5% of your overall budget get you?  Glad you asked because we broke it down for you.

  • An experienced Wedding DJ so you are assured everything runs smoothly. All of our DJs have over 15 years of experience
  • Your choice of DJ Interaction AND coordination levels as well as access to our unique planning forms so every detail is guaranteed.
  • No charge for standard travel and setup time (Within a 60 Mile Radius) **, customized music program, and basic dance floor lighting.
  • Professional Sound System & wireless microphone, along with in person, phone or even Skype consultations with your DJ.

At Firedog, we understand that your wedding day should be a memorable one for all the right reasons which is why we take the time to get to know you and find out what you want for your special day.  No hassles, no headaches and no surprises.  Give us a call or send us an email today to start your planning experience and see why with Firedog Entertainment that as our customer “YOU are that important!”